Low Cost Solutions for Home Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible directional.According to Global Disability Rights Now!, “Globally, people with disabilities have a critical role to play in the growth and development of strong communities. However, individuals with disabilities are too often excluded from contributing to their communities. Discrimination and inaccessibility persist, in spite of laws and policies that should protect the civil rights of people with disabilities due to lack of effective implementation, monitoring and enforcement.”

Home accessibility is a major factor in ensuring community diversity. Often those looking to relocate face a challenge finding a home which caters to those living in wheelchairs or facing significant mobility challenges.

We recently came across this handy 15-page PDF guide, “Low Cost Solutions for Making Your Home Accessible.” (PDF Link!)

If you think you understand the scope of making a home accessible, you may be surprised at what you’ve overlooked. This is a fairly comprehensive guide, and will give you new eyes when it comes to assessing the accessibility of a home.

Definitely share this piece with any aging Baby Boomers in your client database, as well as full-time caregivers!

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