Make Data-driven Stories with Infoactive

Image of Infoactive logoCompelling information makes for a convincing sale. When you’re trying to demonstrate your expertise to potential clients, there’s nothing like proving your value through solidly researched and presented data.

The problem with data? It’s pretty boring to look at. Whip out a spreadsheet in your presentation and you can feel your audience fingers begin to itch for their smartphones.

Information can paint beautiful pictures. Interactive pictures. Information can be engaging, assuming you have the tools and the skills to present it in a way that not only persuades but inspires. That’s where Infoactivecomes in.

Infoactive is a brand new online tool for turning your information into “infographics,” those highly shareable, utterly addictive images and interactive widgets that help package up data in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.

With Infoactive:

  • You don’t need to be a programmer, a designer, or a data analyst. Drag and drop, rock and roll.
  • You can be as big as a high-res Thunderbolt display or as portable as any smartphone.
  • You can turn numbers into interactive stories that boost user engagement.

Even better, you can embed them on your blog, share the link, or share your infographic on social networks.

The next time you have to present real estate trends in your market to an audience, consider building an infographic with Infoactive:

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