Maximizing Your Gmail Label Power

Image of colored digital foldersFor those of you who have embraced Google’s mighty cloud of web and mobile productivity products, you’re surely familiar with Gmail labels, Google’s answer to the traditional “Folder” model of older email programs such as Outlook. Gmail’s powerful search makes Folders seem pretty ancient, but it isn’t perfect. Search + Labels, though, are a powerful combination.

If you’re not using Labels extensively, we recommend this excellent article on the subject by the good people at GrexIt lets you collaborate by sharing your Gmail labels, and in this blog post, they’ve shared “5 things you must use Gmail Labels for.”

The top five Gmail Label uses include:

  1. Assigning and Tracking Tasks
  2. Marking emails to Follow Up later
  3. Filing Attachments
  4. Event/Holiday Planning
  5. Read Later

In the blog post they cover practical examples of each use case, plus links out to a few other handy tools such as BoomerangRightinbox, and

Maximize your Gmail Label powers today:

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