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Image of new My Real Helper website icon.We’re proud to announce the fully-functioning beta version of the new My Real Helper website. The new version of the site allows you to shop our library of letters and marketing materials on an a la carte basis, buying just what you need when you need it, or access to everything we have with a regular $9.95/month membership.

Right now we’re loading our enormous back-collection of real estate letters, newsletter pieces, and blog posts into the site. In the mean time, you can shop what we have available, which includes some of our most popular items, as well as free samples.

One piece in particular you might want to pick up this week? Our Memorial Day Letter! This download contains a letter for before Memorial Day as well as after, and is a superb way to honor the holiday and herald the arrival of summer days.

Click here to check out the Memorial Day Letter.

Click here to learn more about how My Real Helper works.

Stay tuned! New content is on the way.

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