Power Tips for Top-Notch Tweeting

Image of Twitter logo on a keyboard button.In our estimation, not enough real estate agents are leveraging the real-time information and communication that Twitter has to offer. Twitter is actually a very powerful networking and news sharing tool, but its features are often misunderstood.

We dug up this excellent article on Twitter tips from Mashable and thought it might be a great way to help agents understand how Twitter works.

Below are three of our favorite tips from this article.

1. View #discover Activities. Check out the activity feed to see how the people you follow are interacting on Twitter (besides their tweets). Click Discover > Activity to see a stream of actions by those you’re following, including favorites, follows and more. It’ll remind you of Facebook’s News Feed, and it’s a great way to discover new content and users to follow.

2. Favorite Related Tweets. It’s a safe bet that most Twitter users would like more followers. To help the process, you should search for keywords that are relevant to your interests (and, if you’re a journalist or other content producer, links to your content). Then, favorite tweets that mention something you like — those tweeters may just follow you back.

3. Add and Subscribe to Lists. Making lists is an easy way to keep track of tweets when you’re following a large number of people. Go to Me > Lists to categorize the users you follow in any way you want. You can also subscribe to other users’ lists by going to that particular user’s profile and clicking Lists, then Subscribe. In apps like TweetDeck, you can make each list a separate column.

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