Realtor Safety Applies Online, Too

Social media stalker.From time to time, discussions turn to the issue of Realtor safety. Almost any agent can tell you about a time they “didn’t feel right” about a particular prospect, or found themselves in a dicey neighborhood without cell reception. From entering unoccupied homes with strangers to sharing a vehicle, there are plenty of times you need to keep your guard up.

Most of us know the basics: Let people know where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and when you expect to be back. Don’t enter enclosed spaces with strangers. Wear professional clothing and avoid flashing expensive watches, jewelry, etc. The first time you meet, seek a professional (or at least public!) setting. NAR actually has a very good collection of articles on safety you can check out here:

But there’s one more area you might not be thinking about: Social media stalking. In our quest to add fans, forge connections, and meet new prospects, the way we include others and share information publicly presents a number of hazards worth considering.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Have you posted information about when you’ll be out of town?
  • Have you posted pictures which may reveal an excess of personal information about your possessions?
  • Have you tagged photos with your kids or relatives in them that may be used by strangers to “triangulate” personal information that could be used to falsely earn your trust?
  • Are you “checking in” all the time, providing real-time access to your whereabouts?

In exchange for social fun, few people fully consider the implications of what they’re sharing online. While you can’t live a life waiting for the next thug to jump out from around the corner, exercise some common caution about how much you share. It’s all part of the safety picture.

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