Resolving Your Privacy Paradox

Privacy Paradox LogoHere’s the privacy paradox in a nutshell: You know you should take steps to protect your data, but you feel powerless to do anything. You don’t necessarily trust those who you share your data with, but you keep doing it anyway.

You’re not alone. The issue is widespread. Fortunately, there are resources out there designed to help you understand the issues at hand and simple ways to make small changes which can profoundly upgrade your data security and privacy.

One of these resources is the Note to Self podcast’s “The Privacy Paradox” challenge. It’s really not all that challenging, and what you will learn in five easy, daily lessons will go a long way to helping you resolve your own privacy paradox.

From the website: “Feel like you’ve got no control over your data? Join our 5-day plan to take back your digital identity… and maybe even your soul.”

Topics covered include:

1. What Your Phone Knows (Let’s get metadata…what your smartphone is tracking and why it matters.)

2. The Search for Your Identity (How algorithms see us, sell us, and then sell TO us.)

3. Something to Hide (Reclaiming your private parts… and why Google needed an in-house philosopher.)

4. Fifteen Minutes of Anonymity (The digital gaze, our psyche, and what happens when we know we’re being watched.)

5. Your Personal Terms of Service (Defining your acceptable conditions for living the good life online.)

Check out “The Privacy Paradox” today:

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