Save Time Comparison Shopping Mortgages with Morty

Morty Logo.The lending process is often intimidating for buyers, especially those first-timers who have never looked for a loan larger than a used car. Comparison shopping for mortgages is important, though, as rates, fees, and terms can vary widely. So where can your clients streamline the lending process?

Morty is an online mortgage comparison shopping platform designed to help buyers compare lenders and close the loan in one place. The process is relatively simple:

1. Buyers fill out an “all-digital common application used across [Morty's] lender network.”
2. Buyers compare rates, products, and lenders they qualify for through Morty’s interface.
3. Buyers close with the lender of their choice via Morty’s online process.

Morty also offers a slightly simpler pre-approval process than traditional channels.

Have buyers preparing for their first mortgage? Introduce them to Morty:

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