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Image of Addvocate LogoSharing great content on social media to help elevate your visibility and build your business can feel like a full-time job, especially if you’re doing the work by yourself. It’s a common problem… and whenever there’s a common problem on the Internet, you can bet there’s a start-up out there trying to fix it.

Addvocate” hopes to be a solution to that problem by allowing everyone on a team (be it real estate or a customer service) to contribute to a company’s social media presence.

The idea: “People before logos: Enable all coworkers to create, curate and share content for your company.” It’s all about putting a human face on everyone who contributes.

Addvocate makes it possible for everyone to share content popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) while providing analytics about who shares, tools to moderate content, mobile access to your team’s feed, and a “social directory” of everyone participating.

Is Addvocate for you? It depends. A few thoughts:

1. It’s a great way to keep a lively social media presence going among a group. While you might not see the need as an agent on your own, a team of agents might benefit if they’re all working for the same office. One other idea: Create a small business group and invite other entrepreneurs in your community to contribute. Lots of perspectives, lots of content sources, and a real “support the locals” feel.

2. You must fundamentally trust the judgement of the people invited to contribute. This might involve setting some ground rules, i.e. “Don’t share anything you wouldn’t share at a PTA meeting” or even, “Hey, don’t share if you’ve had a few drinks.”

3. Realize this will be a public channel for client relationships. People will use it to contact you and expect you to participate, just like they do with email and text messages. Be prepared to serve.

Learn more about Addvocate here:

Addvocate also has a great blog with useful information on social media and relationship marketing:

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