Schedule Reminders with FollowUpThen

FollowUpThen LogoDo you still run your life out of your email inbox? Then you might just love this simple tool from FollowUpThen.

The way the service works is simple: You simply send or forward email to “1week” or “tomorrow” or “someinterval”, and the service will email (or text you) you exactly when you’ve requested a reminder.

Here are some examples of how people use it:

  • Snooze an email for 3 weeks
  • Remind yourself of an email tomorrow at 4pm
  • An SMS reminder with conference call info
  • Remind me if someone doesn’t reply in 3 days
  • Wish someone Happy Birthday
  • Forward personal emails to 7pm
  • Buy that product during that sale

(You can see how each of these is done at

While you could use your phone to set alarms or send reminders, this service is so fast and simple and so well-integrated with your natural tendency to check email that you’re bound to find it handy.

Learn more about FollowUpThen here:

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