Scott’s Thoughts: Enduring Wisdom

Silhouette of woman runningThe time will come when you feel fatigued and burnout seems likely. Like muscles that only grow when challenged, the best things often come after a period of frustration and exhaustion. Just ask any marathon runner about the fearsome wall that must be pushed through in order to attain the glory of completing 26.2 miles. Going the distance requires serious mental fortitude.

Here’s a little mental exercise you can perform to help you in those moments when quitting seems more appealing than carrying on: Sit down and make a list of those reasons that set you on your path to begin with. Try to recall what it was that made everything up until this quitting point worthwhile. Visualize yourself as you began. What were your hopes? Why was this your focus instead of everything else? What was the why that made you chase the how?

If you want this to be really effective, don’t wait until you’re burned out. In fact, if you’re just starting out, write down every reason why you’re chasing your current dream now. Keep a file of these reasons on your computer or on your phone. This way, when you feel the “I can’t go on” raise its ugly head, you can consult those reasons that say “I must go on.”

Sometimes wisdom comes from endurance.

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