Scott’s Thoughts: The Key to Better

“The thing is, it’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.”

-Jony Ive. Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple Inc.

Golden key on a keyboard.Differentiation is a hot topic for agents who feel the pressure to stand out from competitors in their market. Gimmicks are commonplace, and sometimes the desire for differentiation is so strong it can lead to some desperate places. (BuzzFeed has mercilessly compiled ads so bad they’re good as well as ads which will leave you cringing.)

In our attention economy it can be easy to assume it’s enough to have a knack for scaring up leads by any means necessary. In truth, this is a somewhat short-sighted strategy. While you need to find innovative ways to start conversations, longevity (read: referrals) depends upon polishing your process so well it shines for every client.

“Better” is the buzz you’re looking for when it comes to your reputation. Like a craftsman who can feel exactly where the wood still needs sanding, you should do everything you can to look for ways to reduce friction for your clients. Where are the pain points? How can you make complex concepts seem simple? Where are the small wins that seem like big bonuses?

The key here is not chasing what you think are improvements, but rather rabidly pursuing the issues your clients perceive as problems (however small). Seeing them is a big part of the challenge. Even if these problems seem to be beyond your control, pause and ask yourself if you might be wrong. How could you improve this experience? Who might help you reinvent or reimagine a solution?

Novelty has its place at the table, but to become better you must push past the point where your competitors give up.

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