Scott’s Thoughts: The Things We Love (Announcement!)

Coming up on three years of Tuesday Tactics!“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.”

Kristin Martz

One of the greatest joys in life is losing ourselves in the flow of an experience. Great music, skiing, writing, gaming… all are places where we fold into the moment and time loses grip on its traditional measurements. A two minute race down a mountainside can feel like an epic experience. Other times, we are in such a dream state that hours pass without notice. In these experiences where we “lose” ourselves we are actually in the midst of defining and discovering who we really are.

Time has certainly passed for us at Oakley Signs & Graphics. In talking with my editor and business partner, Eric, I realized we were sailing past the 150th issue not that long ago.

“Issue 156 will be three years,” he said. “Three times 52.”

Right then I knew we needed a project to mark the three year anniversary of the newsletter. So we put our team together and decided on a project that we thought people might enjoy (and might help defray the expenses of running the newsletter, too.)

So here we go: In Issue #156 of the Tuesday Tactics Newsletter, we’re going to release an anthology of some of the best “Scott’s Thoughts” pieces we’ve been running for over three years. Think of it as a compendium of inspiration for your business life. Our plan is to release it at a steep discount for Tuesday Tactics readers before it is available on and other online retailers.

In fact, we’ll make it available directly to you in Kindle, iPad/iPhone, Nook, and PDF formats.

Pre-Register for the Collected Scott’s Thoughts eBook:


We’re super excited about this, and hope you are, too. Most of our readers enjoy the “Scott’s Thoughts” section, so hopefully this compilation will remind you of old favorites and introduce you to pieces you may have missed along the way.

(There’s no obligation to buy if you pre-register, by the way. We just want to make sure you get first dibs when it is released.)

Thanks for an amazing (almost) three years! Let the countdown begin to Issue #156!

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