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Image of SixtyVocab logoWe live in a global economy. Right now buyers from China are snapping up properties in San Francisco, and U.S. Census population projections estimate that by 2060 the Hispanic population in the U.S. will rise to 128.8 million and constitute 31% of the nation’s total population.

Do you want a genuine competitive advantage in your market? Learn a second language. Luckily, there are more language tools than ever out there to help get you on your way to fluency in a second language. One to watch in 2014:

Why is it named Sixty Vocab? According to the site, “2000 words is 60% of a language.” The aim is to help you reach conversational fluency through a combination of online play, instant feedback, and data-driven results. You can learn 2000 words in your language of choice for free. If you like it, and decide to go pro to continue your studies, the site offers an ad-free experience for $5/month for up to 5000 words.

Right now the site offers English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese, but has 10 more languages coming soon.

Try a free account now:

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