Skype Chat Power Tip: Keyword Alerts

Skype chat notifications.If you work in an office where Skype group chats are commonly used, you’ll probably appreciate this tip for maintaining your focus (while never missing out on important topics).

As we all know, group chats can quickly turn into counterproductive time wasters. While they do allow you to be in touch with your team with the ease of instant messaging, they also take off-topic conversations to a whole new level.

One way to make sure you don’t miss the important conversations is to setup automatic notifications when certain keywords are mentioned. If someone really needs to talk to you, you’re only bothered if they use certain keywords (such as your name or the name of a specific client).

Here’s how you do it within Skype:

1. Right click on your current conversation and select the “notification settings.”

2. Select the option: “Notify me only if these words are mentioned:”

3. Enter your name or whatever keywords your choose.

4. Select “OK” and let your team know you won’t be monitoring the conversation until one of your keywords are mentioned.

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