Spare Your Eyes with EyeReader

EyeReader logo.It’s a common problem: Low lighting, tiny text, and before you know it, you’re squinting at a menu, unable to make heads or tales of what you’re trying to read. (The same goes for the fine print on contracts, the ingredients on food labels, and more!)

Enter a simple solution: EyeReader. Made for iOS, “EyeReader is a unique reading magnifier that utilizes the LED light of the the iPhone, providing a solution to the problem of reading small print in dark areas — like reading menus in restaurants.”

According to the app’s description in the app store:

“The LED light provides a bright light source which makes reading in low lit areas easy. EyeReader has a zoom capability by placing two fingers on the screen and then separating them to magnify the text the desired amount. Zoom in further by repeating the zoom.”

Spare yourself those old reading glasses and spend $1.99 for this extra pair of eyes.

Available for download here:

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