Stay Hydrated & Spare Plastic with Tap

Tap app.The benefits of staying well-hydrated are numerous. If you’re a regular water-drinker, you know that going dry is hard on the system. Unfortunately, all the plastic associated with bottled water is hard on the planet.

A recent Fast Company article turned our heads when they profiled “Tap,” an app which tells you the closest place you can fill up your own water bottle for free. The app launched in October. According to the article, “the app lists more than 34,000 refill stations in 30 countries.” It also “maps out those refill locations and gives walking directions to the closest place that you can get water.”

Not all of the refill stations are water fountains. Many retail and fast-casual restaurants are enrolled with the app, providing tons of sanitary, easy-to-find options.

You can learn more about Tap and download the app here:

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