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Top 12 Real Estate Podcasts for Top Producers

Are you looking for a mentor? Need someone with a proven track record to give you a boost? Don’t go it alone… turn your time on the treadmill or your daily commute into an opportunity to listen to one of these 12 high-quality real estate podcasts. Check out the full article for a profile of each of these [...]

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You Are Not So Smart: The Podcast

There’s a great deal of conversation these days about fake news, alternative facts, and filter bias. While the internet may give us unprecedented access to information, it also connects us to disinformation just as quickly. So what do we do? If you’re looking to strengthen your mind and eliminate your own delusions (however sweet they [...]

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Examine Your Life with “On Being”

If you’ve ever found yourself mindlessly listening to the news of the world, lamenting politics, violence, and a steady diet of anxiety, it may be time for you to add a little emotional and spiritual nutrition back into your media diet. To that end, we’d like to introduce you to “On Being,” a podcast hosted [...]

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