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Asking for Repairs in a Seller’s Market

When competition for limited inventory is high, buyers can feel like they don’t have room to ask for concessions or repairs. When this happens, buyers may feel they’re forced into bidding on a house which will only require upgrades as soon as they move in. In Kristina Brunnler’s article, “How to Ask the Listing Agent [...]

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I Don’t Replace It, iFixit

It seems ironic that when sustainability and recycling are such hot topics of conversation that so many of the devices we use on a day-to-day basis are more easily replaced than repaired. How often have you wanted to fix an appliance or smartphone only to hear, “It’s cheaper to replace”? iFixit is a company which disagrees. [...]

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Negotiating Repairs After Inspection

The home inspection is a tense time for both buyers and sellers. If issues come up, the pathway to closing becomes a little more twisted. If you’ve come up against inspection issues which require repairs, here are some thoughts from an excellent short piece published on Zillow. The piece takes a look at: 1. Asking for [...]

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