The Best Craigslist Shopping Hacks

Craigslist Shopping HacksMany first-time home buyers need to furnish their home on a budget, given the burden of the down payment and the myriad of moving expenses.

Craigslist can be a superb source of gently used furniture and decoration, but sometimes the labor of the search can be overwhelming.

Eliza Kern put together¬†a Craigslist guide¬†with her best tips for finding great deals on quality furniture. If you or your clients would like to hunt down some fantastic deals, be sure to share Eliza’s guide. Topics cover include:

1. How to search for quality brands only.
2. How to be specific in your search.
3. How to use IFTTT to get automatic notifications for stuff you’re looking for.
4. How to be a decisive, specific buyer.
5. How to haggle nicely.
6. How to get creative with delivery.
7. How to clean it before you bring it into your home.

These are super tips for getting awesome discounts:

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