The Best Video Email for Real Estate?

BombBomb Logo“Email is dead! Long live email!” It seems like every few years, someone decrees that email will soon be replaced by any number of messaging platforms, and yet year-after-year people continue to rely on email for forging connections and maintaining loyalty. While it’s important to try and meet your customers where they are, be it Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s common sense to maintain reliable standbys like email for their sheer ubiquity.

There are, however, more innovative ways to use email. One such upgrade isĀ BombBomb, a platform which integrates video seamlessly into email. According to their website, real estate pros can “build trust, convert leads, and get referrals with simple videos.”

According to the company’s metrics, video email stands out. They report 81% get more replies, 68% convert more leads, and 56% get more referrals. There’s also some independent confirmation that agents have used BombBomb with success. In a recent article (“Brokers With Purple Hair Have More Fun“), Power Broker panelist Verl Workman, founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems, “is a huge proponent of video marketing tools like BombBomb to send introductions and announcement. He likes the platform’s backend analytics and video templates, which make it easy to use.”

If you feel you’re better face-to-face than you are on the page, you might like to check out BombBomb for yourself. The platform has a free trial for 14 days, no credit card required:

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