The Closing Word: Mulct

The Closing Word: MulctThis week we continue our vocabulary-building series, “The Closing Word.” Each week we provide a new word to help build your vocabulary and show you an example of how to use it.

This week’s closing word:


Pronounced: (MULLkt)

money extracted as a penalty

1. impose a fine on
2. deprive of by deceit ”Got mulct? Then somebody took your money. They “milked” you by mulcting you. And the money that they took? That’s called mulct, too. Some people believe that there’s no difference between being mulcted by the state and being shaken down by the mob. In fact, the word mulct is often used to mean having your money taken unfairly or as a kind of punishment or as extortion.”

“Losing your earnest money by backing out of a contract may feel like being mulct, but there’s no one but yourself to blame if you don’t understand how earnest money works.”


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