Tips to Fix Apple iOS 7

Image of iOS 7 logoDid you upgrade to Apple’s iOS 7? If you find the newly designed operating system is burning out your eyeballs with its brightness, the fonts are too skinny to read, and your battery life has taken a nose dive, don’t worry! There are some simple steps you can take to get closer to iOS 6 again.

Bob Lefsetz, a music industry veteran, cultural critic, and publisher of “The Lefsetz Letter” recently published helpful tips sourced from a bunch of different publications on how to improve your iPhone experience with the new operating system.

We like Bob’s tips because he comes at it from a “Baby Boomer’s perspective” and a lot of his concerns line up with agents who use their iPhone’s every day for business. In particular, we recommend this section on battery life:

To improve battery life:

1. Turn off Background App Refresh: Go to Settings then General and it’s in the third panel down (why we would need background refresh when we’re running on battery power baffles me, since it’s almost no effort to open the app and have it refresh then.)

2. On the command center, turn off AirDrop, unless you need it. Just click on it and the option to turn it off will appear.

3. Turn on Reduce Motion in the Accessibility pane of Settings referenced above. This will also reduce headaches, which many are experiencing, I am not.

Click here to read Bob’s tips and perspective on Apple’s change:

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