Tricky Business? FSBO Buying and “As Is” Selling

Rundown shackEvery once and awhile you’ll come across a client who falls a little outside the norm when it comes to buying or selling a home. It can be useful to have materials at hand to help them understand their situation. My Real Helper recently released two pieces covering “On Buying from FSBOs” and “Selling a House As-Is.”

The “On Buying from FSBOs” letter helps educate your clients about buying homes from FSBO sellers. There are often misconceptions or fears about buying from FSBOs, and this letter helps clarify things so your clients are comfortable and understand how you help represent their interests.

The “Selling a House As-Is” blog post educates clients about some of the myths surrounding the as-is listing and sales process, including the important facts around the disclosure of the home’s condition and the possible pitfalls of home inspections.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Use these new materials to save yourself time and help guide conversations with your clients.

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