Tune Up Your Networking with the “Tell Me” Tip

TELL ME imageGreat networkers are great listeners. They don’t interrupt. They listen with their eyes as well as their body. They’re present for you and they’re interested. What’s more, the way they interact inspires trust, and trust is the foundation of solid, life-long business relationships.

Ironically, one of the biggest conversation killers out there is the non-starter “How are you doing?” While it seems like a client-focused question designed to kick off a good opportunity to listen, it’s just the opposite.

If you want to open up real conversations, swap out the “how are yous” with “tell me.” Tell me takes the conversation magically to a new place. Compare:

1. How was your weekend?
2. Tell me, what did you do this weekend?

The tell-me tip works in all sorts of situations. “Tell me more about this dream home you want to find.” “Tell me when you first met your husband.” “Tell me, what’s a deal-breaker in a neighborhood.”

It’s a subtle shift, but it’s powerful. Try it out today.

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