Tune Up Your Photos with Snapseed

Snapseed logo.Do you follow someone on Instagram whose photos just look incredible every time? Do you wonder how they make those photos leap out in your feed? They’re not using a special camera. In fact, they’re probably using the very same phone you have in your pocket right now. Their secret weapon? The photo editing software Snapseed.

Snapseed is a highly sophisticated photo editing app for Apple and Android devices. It includes a wide range of editing options which far surpass Instagram’s native filters. Even the most basic edits can transform your ho-hum shot into a “scroll-stopper.”

Check out these “10 Snapseed Tricks to Fix Instagram Photos” if you’re curious.

There are also tons of YouTube tutorials you can check out here.

While we definitely advocate the use of a professional photographer for your MLS listings, there’s no reason you can’t enhance your casual shots with this excellent editor.

Snapseed is free and can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices.

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