Tweeting in Ten Minutes a Day

Image of Mashable Twitter in 10 minutes a day graphic

Understanding how to get the most out of Twitter can be confusing. Once you get past the idea of limiting yourself to 140 characters and begin following people, you might wonder how you’ll ever keep up with the rapid-fire stream of tweets that runs on all day. Twitter can be an incredibly unproductive time-suck, especially if you fall down the rabbit hole of reading all the links that get shared and begin commenting on lots of tweets.

So how do you limit your exposure while getting the best possible return on your time? Mashable put together a simple 5-step guide to using Twitter. The secret sauce? Knowing how to use Twitter Lists and integrating them with Hootsuite, a social media dashboard.

Check out the article, “How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Per Day on Twitter” and get a detailed look on this 5-step approach. Steps 1 − 4 showcase what you need to setup, and step 5 is the 10-minute routine.

1. Set up your Hootsuite account.
2. Create Twitter Lists.
3. Add your Twitter Lists to Hootsuite.
4. Add #hashtag streams to Hootsuite.
5. Begin your 10-minute per day routine.

Happy tweeting!


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