Why Winners Keep Winning

1st place trophy.Rosabeth Moss Kanter is a professor at Harvard Business School and the author of Confidence and SuperCorp, two excellent business books. In this article from Harvard Business Review, she shares some insights into 10 reasons why winners keep on winning:


Not only does Kanter create a compelling picture as to why winners win, but she also sheds light on why the losers in a given situation get left behind. Check out this thoughtful read for the thinking behind these ten compelling reasons:

1. Good mood
2. Attractive situation
3. Learning
4. Freedom to focus
5. Positive culture of mutual respect
6. Solid support system
7. Better press
8. Invitations to the best parties
9. Self-determination
10. Continuity

Kanter also reminds us: “Winning streaks eventually end because winners can get over-confident, slipping into arrogance or complacency, or because the competition gets better. But leaders can build on the advantages of winners to encourage a positive spirit, disciplined focus, mutual respect, lots of practice on the details, and lasting support systems that can make successes and comebacks more likely.”

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