5 Faux Pas that Will Sink Your Client Relationships

Image of sinking ship with a man on it.This excellent article written by Lisa Nirell for Fast Company is a must-read on the topic of small but fatal mistakes you might make when maintaining client relationships. The original article appears here:


Key Insights:

Here are some habits that erode trust, particularly between professional services firms and their clients:

1. Over-dependency on social media and electronic communication. Email banter can waste more time than a five-minute courtesy phone call.

2. Lack of a moral compass or community. Seldom trust people who live one-dimensional lives, avoid most social settings, and dedicate their time to a single activity.

3. Old societal stereotypes. Many consultants feel they must defend themselves from prospects who have a negative impression of their profession.

4. Lack of decorum. The most egregious violations include licking their fingers while dining, weak handshakes, and using their phones at the dining table. How will a client entrust their biggest investment to a social cretin?

5. Turning self-interest into opportunism. This happens when any consultant or advisor pursues new business primarily to line their pockets, not because it is what the client needs.

Remind yourself why you originally got into this business: to improve your client’s condition and to make a difference. Your clients can intuitively separate the opportunists from the caring advisors.

Be sure to read the entire article! While its focus is business consulting, the truths are no less relevant for real estate agents.



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