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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an ever increasing number of cloud-based applications that used to be restricted to the domain of the desktop or laptop computer. Word processing, spreadsheet programs, and photo editing suites are all available in various browser-based forms.

While most of these cloud applications look and work just like their local counterparts, there are a few out there who are pushing the boundaries into sleeker, simpler, and more productive interfaces. One of our favorites in this category continues to beĀ Draft.

On its surface, Draft is a web-based word processor, but when you look under the hood, you’ll notice an impressive array of tools:

  • Automatic publishing to LinkedIn, MailChimp, WordPress, Tumblr, and more
  • Document collaboration, tracking/merging changes
  • “Snippets” of commonly used text you can edit and merge into multiple documents
  • Audio/video transcription tools
  • A completely clean writing interface (no distractions!)
  • On-demand access to experts to help you edit your writing

(MoreĀ info on features can be found here.)

Draft is free to use and is as secure as Microsoft and Google products. Try it today:

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