DoorBot: The Wi-Fi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell

DoorBotWouldn’t it be cool if your doorbell could also show you who’s at the door? And wouldn’t it be even cooler if it sent the video of who’s at the door to your iPad or other mobile device?

Well, the future is almost here. DoorBot is a new wi-fi enabled doorbell camera which does exactly that. From the website:

“DoorBot is a simple, yet powerful wireless doorbell that streams live video and audio of your front door directly to your smartphone or tablet. Simply install DoorBot, download the free app and you’re ready to go. Now, anytime you have a visitor you’ll not only be able to see them, but you’ll be able to talk with them as well. DoorBot is the perfect device because of the peace of mind you get while away from home, and the convenience you get while in it. DoorBot brings your front door to you — wherever you may be.”

Now, DoorBot isn’t actually on the market yet, but if the manufacturers get funding through pre-orders, the device will be manufactured and shipped to buyers. The inventor is using “Christie Street,” a website which helps inventors bring their products to market through crowdsourced funding.

Check out DoorBot for yourself:

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