Language for a Collaborative Sale

Agent collaborating with a client.Many agents mistakenly feel that the best way to differentiate themselves from others in the market is by focusing on why they’re so good at their job. The traditional approach to a listing presentation involves a lot of this kind of “agent centric” language:

  • I have a unique marketing approach.
  • I am the top producer in my office.
  • I know the inventory and how to price competitively.

These days, the “I’s” rarely have it. If you want to land the listing and make your client feel they have an active role in the sale of their home, you need to change up your pronouns to focus on “YOU.”

By turning your attention to your clients rather than yourself, you’ll best express your interest in helping them sell their home.

Sellers who feel they are actively involved in the decision making process, rather than either approving or rejecting their agents’ proposals are more likely to be satisfied with the process. (The more satisfied they are, the more likely they’ll refer business your way in the future.)

The theory behind this is explained a bit in an article by Tammy Lenski on the topic about how giving advice is a problem solving crutch:

“Most of us, including me, tend to follow through better on ideas that are our own. Whether you call it buy-in or ownership, the chances of an agreement lasting are greater when a solution isn’t imposed.”

Use “you”-based questions to drive conversations and discuss the process with clients. Examples include:

  • How do you think your property should be positioned relative to similar properties in the area?
  • When you envision the sales process, what would you like to see happen?
  • What is really motivating you to sell this home?
  • What have been your favorite features of your house?

Through the sales process, focus on providing your clients with facts, and then ask them how they would like to proceed. Hold back on dispensing with your own perspective until you’ve ascertained what they think should happen next. By inviting collaboration, you’ll ensure your clients feel included in the process and not “dragged along” by their agent.

Make your clients feel empowered during the sale.

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