Eliminate “On Hold” Time with Next Caller

Image Next Caller logoHow many times have you called a company for help only to be asked six different times to spell your name and give them your contact information? If you’re curious what’s driving up “on hold” times these days, a lot of it can be directly connected to the repetitive hassle of account lookups and confirmations.

Now there’s a free service that not only eliminates the hassle, but gets you closer to the head of the call line. It’s called “Next Caller.” Here’s how it works according to their website:

“How is this possible? …and how can it be free?

It’s simple. Every time you reach customer service, companies spend about 2 dollars gathering your name, shipping, and billing info. With billions of calls every year, that really adds up! Next Caller members have their profiles sent to representatives, like an instant message. Because this saves them time and money, they let you skip the hold line.

Next Caller isn’t magic, it’s just efficient. Next Caller is free, and it will always be free.”

How valuable is your time? Get some of it back with Next Caller!


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