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Box Brownie Logo.Photo retouching used to be an expensive, time-consuming process which seldom made it practical for agents dealing with a large number of listings. While you might have had paid to have your headshot refined back in the day, there was no way you could budget for transforming subpar property pics.

Then came along Photoshop, and with it came a whole lot of amateur photo retouching. Poorly cropped, blown out, or just plain filtered to death, powerful photo editing tools in the hands of amateurs created a crop of terrible MLS listing photos.

Now, there is a clear leader in the field of real estate specific photo editing: BoxBrownie.com. Focusing on the exclusive needs of real estate agents, BoxBrownie offers highly affordable photo retouching and modification services. This includes:

We’re totally impressed. Starting around $1.60 per photo, there’s no excuse for letting your listing photos blend in with the rest. (You can even receive 3 image enhancements and 1 day to dusk edit when you sign up.)

Check out everything BoxBrownie has to offer and the complete range of services here:


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