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Everything’s Picture Perfect with Box Brownie

Photo retouching used to be an expensive, time-consuming process which seldom made it practical for agents dealing with a large number of listings. While you might have had paid to have your headshot refined back in the day, there was no way you could budget for transforming subpar property pics. Then came along Photoshop, and [...]

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Major League MLS Upgrade: Cloud Agent Suite

Ah, your MLS. Isn’t it a joy to use? Doesn’t its search work just like Google? Don’t the reports it generates seem modern and appealing? Isn’t it easy to instantly share listings with others, just like you might a funny cat video on Facebook? No, you say?¬†Of course not. Because most MLS look and behave [...]

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AI Home Hunting? Just Ask DOSS

Here’s an up-and-coming app you’ll want to keep your eye on when it comes to potential revolutions in the real estate industry. As smart speakers and AI assistants increasingly become commonplace interfaces, it’s only a matter of time before home hunters will turn to more convenient ways to search for homes, research neighborhoods, and even [...]

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