Free Guide to Real Estate Terms for Your Clients

FTC Real Estate GlossaryOne thing we often forget as seasoned professionals in a field is what it’s like when someone brand new comes along. In real estate, this is especially true when working with first-time buyers. While you may not bat an eye when you hear the terms “pre-approval,” “escrow,” and “walk-through,” to your newbie clients, these terms can sound totally alien.

And since assumption is the mother of miscommunication, it’s worth giving your clients helpful primers on the terms used in a real estate transaction. Don’t assume everyone will ask what you mean! To that end, we’ve tracked down this free, 18-page PDF guide to real estate terms, created by the FTC:

FTC Real Estate Glossary

You don’t have to print it out for your clients, but you could pass it along in an email with a nice note:

“Thought you might find this guide to real estate terms helpful as we work together! If you have any questions about any of these terms as they come up, don’t hesitate to ask.”

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