Give Your Brain a Break with Moodica

Moodica LogoWe have a soft spot for those apps and web-based tools which help you take a break from the tedium of desk work or simply give your mind the opportunity to drift. While a walk in the park or a power nap is always a great way to recharge, there are those times when those options aren’t available.

Moodica is our newest addition to the chill-out club. According to the website:

“Moodica takes your brain on a much-needed vacation. Our oddly-satisfying videos let you escape anytime you need to de-stress. Let Moodica help you relax, decorate your home, set the mood, or simply let your mind drift. We’re available worldwide for free.”

Not only can you use Moodica on your computer, but it’s also available for AppleTV and Amazon’s fireTV. Video categories are worth exploring. They include:

  • Exotic travels
  • Strangely satisfying
  • Ambience
  • Animals
  • Amazing Nature
  • Hypnotizing
  • Trippy
  • Fluid forms
  • Painting
  • For Kids
  • …and more

Need a break? Check Moodica out for yourself! (And make sure your speakers or headphones are turned up.)

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