Great Read Roundup: Social Media Mistakes & Innovative Reading and Writing Services

Image of Great Reads LogoA new feature in Tuesday Tactics for 2014 is our “Great Read Roundup” in which we highlight some of the best pieces we’ve read recently and why they might matter to your real estate career.

The 7 Biggest, Counterintuitive Social Media Mistakes You May be Making

Why it matters: Social media technology often subverts our expectations. Our own intuition about how it “should” work is sometimes wrong. This article walks you through some very practical tips on using a variety of social media platforms for maximum return.

Oyster Releases the First True Netflix-for-E-books App

Why it matters: If you (or your clients) love reading eBooks, this is definitely a service to watch. The music, television, and film industries have all been changed through streaming and “unlimited” services. Will books be next? Scribd, Oyster, and other services are betting the way we buy and read books will continue to evolve.

You’ve Sent Mail: A Letter-Writing App Forces Users to Slow Down

Why it matters: This is a fascinating look at the ways technology, human communication, and the art of relationship building intersect. Think the traditional letter is dead? Drew Bartkiewicz is betting the other way with his company Lettrs.

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