Hoax Slayer Helps You Identify Fake Messages

Truck with scam written on the side.Do you ever receive email that seems outrageous and true? Do you get “notices” from credit card companies, airlines, UPS, and other “official” sources that turn out to be tricks? Have you ever clicked or forwarded a fake message to someone only to have to “eat crow” later when you find out it’s a trick?

Protect yourself by keeping Hoax Slayer on hand. This handy website maintains an index of the most recent and most common internet scams, email hoaxes, and true stories:


Also, you can use this handy method to checking hoaxes, courtesy of Tuesday Tactics reader (and Realtor!) Mike Hall:

You can even google the subject line (of any questionable FB post or email) + Hoax Slayer, and find more details on his site. I have been using that method for 2 yrs or more.

The next time you feel yourself getting sucked in, or you think the “emergency notice” you just received is bogus, take a few minutes to visit this site and see if it’s on the scam radar. It could save you a lot of embarrassment, protect your information, and spare damage to your reputation.

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