How to Protect Yourself on Public WiFi

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Use HotSpot Shield to protect yourself on free WiFi.

Free WiFi is great. Almost every coffee shop has it. But have you ever stopped to think: Is this WiFi network safe? Who might be trying to hack my computer? Can people see private information such as email, client information, and my passwords?

The short answer: Yes, it’s possible. But now you can protect yourself and your information with a free download for both Mac and PC called “HotSpot Shield.”

Named by PC Magazine as one of its “Best Free Software Downloads,” Hot Spot Shield will:

  • Secure your connection with HTTPS encryption
  • Protect you from identity theft online
  • Hide your IP address for privacy
  • Access all content without censorship or firewall blocking
  • Protect you from snoopers at hotels, airports, coffee shops, and corporate offices

The free version of HotSpot Shield includes ad banners which appear on the top of your screen from time to time, but it’s far from obtrusive. If you’d rather go pro (and ad-free) a year-long subscription to the premium version is only $44.95, and currently includes a 2-hour Skype voucher (as of 12/29/11).

Next time you have an impromptu client meeting at Starbucks, don’t forget to fire up Hot Spot Shield to keep your information safe. It’s comforting to know you’re reducing the chances of exposing yourself and your data to prying eyes.

(The Tuesday Tactics team uses Hot Spot Shield every week!)

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