Read & Publish Magazines Online

Image of Issuu logo.Are you a big fan of browsing magazines? Let’s rephrase that: Are you a big fan of browsing free magazines? The odds are your clients probably are, too, and Issuu is a great, free online publishing platform which delivers the “magazine reading experience” to your many screens.

According to Issuu’s website:

“Millions of avid readers come to Issuu every day to read free publications, created by enthusiastic publishers from all over the globe. Issuu’s publishers include the biggest names in fashion, lifestyle, art, sports and global affairs. And many more publications are created by people just like you.”

That’s right, you can create and upload your own magazine to Issuu and share it with others. Imagine, instead of having the usual PDF brochure about your community to give to prospects, you could direct them to a glossy-style magazine with Issuu’s smooth reading interface?

In any case, we think it’s an interesting tool, and it contains tons of content in a wide array of categories, from fashion to travel and more:

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