The Art of the Housewarming Party

Image of balloons on a house.Many agents make the mistake of thinking of their relationship with clients as over once the closing has come and gone. Yes, there might be a small closing gift, but many move on in a hurry.

One solid strategy is helping the client with their housewarming party. No, you don’t have to be a party planner and a real estate agent, but you can offer your client some resources to help them with the cheerful event.

We recently found this awesome ebook published by, titled “My Move Housewarming Party Guide: Everything You Need to Celebrate Your New Home.” (Links directly to the PDF file.) It’s a great resource to share with clients after closing. Share it via email with a short note, such as, “Congratulations! Have you thought about the housewarming party? I thought this guide might be helpful as you plan the event!”

For an additional idea on how to make the most of the housewarming party, click here to read about an idea that will put you in a special place in your clients’ hearts.


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