Leveraging Google Autocomplete for Research

Google TIPS.You’ve probably noticed that when you type a query into Google, it will begin to automatically suggest possibilities to complete your search. This can be a real time saver, especially since it will often refer to your own search history.

But there’s a lot going on under the hood when it comes to Google’s autocomplete, and you can use it to improve SEO and gain valuable insights. This includes:

1. Performing keyword research
2. Learning about search intent of other users
3. Learning about online reputation of individuals, brands, and companies
4. Dreaming up new content ideas

As an example of how autocomplete can work for you, technologist Kevin Kelly also offers the following tip:

“When researching a product online, type in the item in Google and then add “vs”. Google will auto-complete with the most popular, and highly rated, alternatives, and the top link will educate you quickly. Then “vs” autocomplete the new item and you’ll have a good sense of the field.”

For an overview of how Google Autocomplete works and ways to perform all of the above tasks, check out this tutorial:


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