Pinterest for Real Estate?

Pinterest for Real EstateHave you heard of Pinterest? It purports to be one of the fastest growing social networks, and acts as a kind of virtual “cork board” for all types of content you curate from around the web.

Is it worth diving into for your real estate business? It depends. We would advise you first and foremost to play with Pinterest yourself and see if it’s something you actually like to use. If you find the interface and experience pleasant, and can see yourself using it regularly, by all means begin exploring how to apply it to your real estate business.

Need some ideas? We found this great article by Boston Logic about using Pinterest for real estate, and they had the following recommendations, from their article “Pinterest for Real Estate”:

1. Create boards centered around your service specialties (luxury homes, waterfront properties, etc.)

2. Create boards for unique or exclusive topics (celebrity homes, unique architecture)

3. You can create staging inspiration boards to show off attractive, simple ways to stage a home for faster sale.

4. Show off featured communities you specialize in! Focus on unique neighborhood amenities like restaurants, affordable furniture stores, farmer’s markets, and more.

5. Some other useful board ideas include moving resources, neighborhoods with affordable housing, and things to do before purchasing a home. Think about what your customers look for when they choose to relocate, and focus on showing them the info they want in a colorful visual environment.

6. Create a board for funny images, messages, or trivia games for the office. Social network is just not for selling – have a little fun with it! Injecting some character into your social networking will help to make your business stand out from the crowd with a little personality and flair.

Definitely check out the full article, as it details demographic information about Pinterest, as well as some metrics concerning how much more engaging Pinterest appears to be when compared to other social media sites:

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