Q&A: Divulge an Offer “On the Way”?

Image of a baby chick next to an egg.Q: An buyer’s agent recently contacted me to let me know she was preparing to write an offer on my client’s property. Should I share the good news and tell my clients an offer is on the way?

A: No. Definitely wait until you have the offer in writing.

Hearing an offer is on the way gets everyone excited, and you might be eager to share the potential good news with your clients, but be careful! The old adage of counting your chickens before they hatch applies here.

What happens if the offer doesn’t materialize? Not only are your clients disappointed, but your credibility is also damaged. Even if you know and trust the agent promising the offer, you can’t control the behavior of the buyers. Anything could happen– they could get cold feet, a drastic change in circumstances could cancel their home search entirely, or they could fall in love with a different home the very same day.

Plus, this tip from Jim Smith of Golden Real Estate, Incin Colorado: “You SHOULD notify other agents who have shown the property that an agent has said to expect an offer.  This could stir additional offers during a seller’s market like we have now, and it serves your seller’s interest.”

Be a professional. Do yourself a favor and check your excitement until the paperwork arrives.

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