Scott’s Thoughts: The Next Right Action

Bullseye!“Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.”

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States (October 27, 1858 — January 6, 1919)

My team has a theme for this year, and it’s pretty simple: Execute. Find the next right action and take it.

Do we have big goals for the year? Sure.

Do we have milestones along the way we want to hit? Naturally.

We want to grow the number of agents reading the Tuesday Tactics newsletter. We want to see more of our readers take advantage of the blog and letter writing services we offer through My Real Helper. We want Oakley Signs & Graphics to become your top choice for real estate signs.

We have big plans to make this happen, all centered around helping you succeed. We have lots of great surprises coming this year.

But measuring how far we have to go to hit those goals isn’t productive. In fact, we don’t think too hard about it. We know that if we execute on the next right action over and over, the outcome will take care of itself.

You’ve probably made a few resolutions for yourself this year. You might want to run a marathon, sell 25 more homes, or lose 30 pounds. Rather than think of the long view, I urge you to reduce your focus to the immediate. Not the month, not the week, not even the day. Look at the next moment and choose the one right action you need to take to move you toward your goal.

Each time you execute the next right action, you move closer to what you want and you build confidence. With that confidence comes momentum. The endorphin boost you get from actually taking action is addictive. You can turn yourself into a “success junkie” before you know it.

Chosing the right action also eliminates the wrong actions. Right decisions displace bad choices. In that spirit, we’re kicking off our first in a five-part newsletter series about “Bad Habits to Break.” The more bad habits you eliminate, the more time you have to execute on right actions.

So let’s do this together in 2012! What’s the next right action that serves your goals?

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