Become a Gmail Black Belt: 12 Tips to Master

Become a Gmail Ninja!

Become a Gmail Ninja!

We’ve noticed that more and more agents have started using Gmail as their “central hub” for all of their email accounts. Once you have Gmail setup to handle all of your various email addresses, it can be a real boost to your productivity.

Most people don’t realize how powerful Gmail can be, though. The more features you master in Gmail (such as keyboard shortcuts and message filters) the faster you are able to manage your email, freeing you up for more important tasks.

Let’s say you handle 600 email messages a month. If you save even 5 seconds processing each message, you’ll save 10 hours a year.

Google offers tips for beginners (White Belt) to total experts (Gmail Master). Below is a link to the “Black Belt” selection, including a downloadable PDF guide to help you learn the tips.

Check out these 12 tips from Google to help you become a Gmail Black Belt.

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