Scott’s Thoughts: Valuing Your Holiday Time

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”

Charles Buxton, (November 18, 1823 – August 10, 1871) English brewer, philanthropist, writer and member of Parliament.

Value your holiday time.
Where is it written we have to do it all? In case you need reminding, you absolutely have permission not to participate in every invitation. Like many sales professionals, real estate agents feel any missed opportunity to shake hands and make connections is a potentially lost sale or referral. Not only is this somewhat cynical, viewing the bonhomie of holiday events as premium networking opportunities, but it discounts the value of your time.

You are not obligated to participate 24/7. Every time you decide to do something, you decide not to do something else. Social pressure can be a potent anesthetic, as it spares us temporarily the pain of unfinished, but important work, and our own much-needed time to recharge and gain perspective.

Do not spend your days and nights as if you have an infinite number in the bank of time. Be deliberate with your yes and your no. You can find balance in the frenzy if you make an effort to create more space for yourself.

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