Major League MLS Upgrade: Cloud Agent Suite

Cloud Agent Suite Logo.Ah, your MLS. Isn’t it a joy to use? Doesn’t its search work just like Google? Don’t the reports it generates seem modern and appealing? Isn’t it easy to instantly share listings with others, just like you might a funny cat video on Facebook?

No, you say? Of course not. Because most MLS look and behave like they were developed in the late-90s or early-2000s. (Because to be honest… they probably were!)

“Agents, you deserve better,” say the people at Cloud Agent Suite. According to their website, Cloud Agent Suite “gives real estate agents modern MLS tools for better CMAs, listing alerts, search, and lead generation.” You have valuable information at your fingertips, but sometimes the tools you have at your disposal to leverage it just don’t cut it.

Cloud Agent Suite has a free 30-day trial. Here’s what some agents say about using the service:

“One specific thing I love about Cloud MLX is being able to share a listing directly to my clients, or through social media, and having my information, name, phone number, email and photo very visible.” -Francesca Campbell

“Cloud Streams notifies my buyers immediately when a new listing is entered for sale. This means my buyers are getting houses under contract before other buyers even find out about them thanks to Cloud Streams.” -Rob Lang

What’s better is, depending on your MLS, you may already have free access to some of Cloud Agent Suite’s tools. Learn more here:

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