The Best Power On-the-Go

USB charger from WirecutterIs your hectic smartphone life burning up your battery on a daily basis? Are you always scrambling for an outlet at the coffee shop? What you need is a portable power pack that will ensure you can take that call, respond to that email, and promote that home wherever you happen to be.

USB power banks and battery packs have become affordable and effective in the past few years. For well under a hundred bucks you can keep your device charged even when you’re off the grid. The challenge is finding the right power source for your needs.

Wirecutter recently assembled an excellent list of USB power packs at a variety of price points and use cases. Their thoughtful review will help you identify the right solution for your lifestyle. Don’t let a dead phone or a bricked tablet slow you down again!

Get your charge on! Find exactly what you need here:

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